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As a webcam model you obviously want to earn the most money possible. We put together a few basic tips that will help cam models earn more money and maximize profits. Follow this basic set of guidelines and you will be on your way to earning a large income as a webcam model.


Choose a Great Stage Name

When creating your account, make sure you choose a great screen name. You want to create a stage name that’s both sexy and easy to remember. Examples of good stage names include:  DawnWillow, BlazeFyre, Caylin, DulceMaria, SexxyLorry, CleoSins, LanaRain, VickieJay.. You get the idea. You want to get the same username across all your social accounts, especially twitter and tumblr.


Promote Yourself On Social Media

We recommend creating a Twitter profile for your cam model promotion. You can also make a tumblr page, subreddit, instagram, and possibly a facebook fan page as well. Try to keep all your usernames the same. Some models have accounts on every major social network. It really depends how much promotion you want to do. Check out camgirl CherryCrush on tumblr as an example. She does a great job of maximizing her social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, as well her official site. 


Buy Your Matching .com Domain Name

We recommend you buy your screen name as a .com domain name! Example: If your screen name is ‘MaryMcFly’ then you should buy the domain name ‘marymcfly .com’ – This is essential for a few reasons. You want to build your brand, and you want to earn extra income from the cam site affiliate programs. So, once you have your .com name, you can forward it to your affiliate link to your chat room. That way, any new user who joins the site through your links will be your referral. You will earn a percentage of ALL sales from these new members, which can add up to a nice bonus every month. See our complete guides to earning with the Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and Streamate affiliate programs. It’s also smart to buy a second domain name and build an actual website. Models can easily set up a recurring membership site over at ModelCentro. Ready to buy your domain name? We recommend NameSilo because they offer low prices and free privacy is included. Visit


Create A Great Profile Page

When viewers find you online, they want to get to know more about you. It’s essential to create a nice looking profile page on the cam sites. Put up a few sexy non-nude photos. Add some basic info about your interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. You should specify what you will or won’t do during your cam shows. Make your profile page pop- customize it, or have someone customize it for you. There are people in the cam community on Twitter who can create profile graphics for you. We recommend @SusieQxXx69 or @Pacman09876 for help with graphics.


Sell Videos & Photo Sets – Earn While You’re Offline

You can make different videos that you can sell from your profile page, so you can earn money without being online. Look around at other profiles to get an idea of what videos can sell for. Some models sell custom videos for $300 or more. You can also create photo sets that you can sell for extra income. It’s always nice to earn money while you’re sleeping or on vacation. See our complete guide to earning with clip sites.


Sell Panties, Lingerie, Toys & Other Items 

Selling panties is also a big money maker. We recommend JustFor.Fans or ModelCentro for selling store items. Your fans might want to buy the panties you’re wearing, and will pay hefty amounts of money for them. You can also sell lingerie, toys, signed printed photos, and more. Be creative- if you have items for sale, your fans will buy them. Selling your physical items can be a great way to earn money while you’re enjoying your free time offline. See our complete guide to earning with selling panties.


Get Your Own Fan Club / Membership Site at ModelCentro. It’s Free!

ModelCentro is a great platform that lets models easily create their own membership website. Setup is completely free and there is no need to hire a web designer. Just upload your content and promote your site. Once you have paying members, you will be earning recurring income every month. Your fans will be able to see all your content, plus you can sell additional items such as panties, lingerie, signed photos, and more. You can even perform live cam shows inside your members area. To see an example site, check out Amber Lilly’s offilcial site. Get your own paysite just like the top adult stars, completely free. See our complete guide to earning with Fan Club sites, or Visit now.


Make Extra Money With Cam Affiliate Programs

A great way to earn extra money that many cam models don’t utilize is the cam site affiliate programs. A great example is the Chaturbate affiliate program. Once you are registered with Chaturbate, scroll to the bottom, click ‘AFFILIATES’ and find your linking codes. These links have your affilate ID in them. When someone joins Chaturbate and spends money, you will get twenty percent of whatever that person spends, for life! Make sure you choose the REVSHARE option when choosing your link codes. You might notice that a lot of cam models on Twitter will post a link to their Chaturbate profile which is actually their affiliate link. Take advantage of this easy passive income. MyFreeCams models can also join the affiliate program, which is handled by Sign up there and post your affiliate links to earn 20% of ALL money spent when members join through your links! Be sure to read our complete guide to earning with affiliate programs.


Create An Wishlist

You should definitely create an wishlist so your fans can just send you items that you ask for. Place the link in your bio page and on your social media accounts. You will be pleasantly surprised when you receive gifts from fans when you’re not expecting them! 


Keep A Regular Schedule

The most important thing to earn the most money is to try to have a consistent schedule. You want to build a fanbase of regular viewers. Your fans will be able to find you when you keep a regular schedule. This is way more important than some models realize. Post your schedule on your bio page and announce on twitter when you’ll be on cam a few hours ahead of time. Encourage your viewers to click the ‘Follow’ button in your chat room. That way they will be notified when you are online. More followers equals more viewers equals more money!


Smile And Have Fun

When performing your shows, make sure to smile a lot and engage your fans in conversation. Webcam modeling is about more than just your looks. The viewers in your chat room are looking for a model with a fun personality. Don’t just sit in a chair and type responses. Move around, dance on cam, talk to your guests and have fun! You will earn way more money just by staying active and talking to your fans. 



Need Advice From Other Models?

Join the top cam model forums


ambercutie-forum-1Amber Cutie’s Forum 

Do you know about Amber Cutie’s cam model forum? If not, join it now! It’s the most active cam model forum. You can go to this forum and talk to many other cam models about their experiences. We strongly recommend you join this forum if you haven’t already. You should also read this thread at StripperWeb for advice on how to market yourself and build your brand.



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