How Cam Models Can Earn Extra Money With the Chaturbate Affiliate Program

Chaturbate is one of the biggest adult cam sites in the world. Models who work on Chaturbate can earn huge amounts of money. If you’re a model on CB, you can really boost your income by taking advantage of their affiliate program. If people join through your affiliate link, you will earn 20% of all sales, for life! It can be great passive income without being online yourself. We’ve put together this guide to show how easy it is to take advantage of this passive income source.

To link to a specific room on Chaturbate with your affiliate link, log in to CB and scroll to the bottom. Click on ‘Affiliates’ – Then click ‘Linking Codes.’ – Scroll toward the bottom, under ‘Program: Revshare: 20% of Money Spent’ find the link that says ‘Your Chat Room (even if offline)’ – Copy & paste that link. You can paste it into a link shortener like When a new user registers with CB using your link, you will earn 20% of EVERYTHING they spend, for life. Get as many people signed up as you can!

Make sure to use the links for 20% Revshare, NOT the $1 per free join. Trust me, the revshare will pay out way more in the long term!

These screenshots show what the affiliate link looks like:

The payout is 20% of ALL money spent anywhere on the site, for life! The MFC program is also 20% of all money spent, for life! This is money that’s recurring monthly on auto-pilot! (and always growing)

If you’re a model, when you have a few thousand anonymous users in your room, you can remind them a few times throughout your show that they can chat by joining free thru your link, which should be displayed prominently at the top & bottom of your bio, and all over your social media accounts and It’sMyUrls page!

The best move is to build your brand. Spend a few bucks on your .com domain name, (marymcfly .com, etc.) then forward it to your affiliate link to your room. Put your .com name on all your profiles, all your tweets, and watermark your photos with it. Tweet your link & pics, ALL with affiliate links.

Just encourage people to join CB through your link. Once you have a fairly large following, you can build up your affiliate earnings, which are on auto-pilot. The passive income will just keep growing the more you promote your link. This can easily add up to thousands of dollars per month on auto-pilot.

With CB, just make sure to use the link for 20% Revshare, NOT the $1 per free join.

The potential to make recurring profits is HUUUGE!

If haven’t joined yet, get a free Chaturbate account and join the top live cam site. Learn more about  the Chaturbate affiliate program & start pulling in passive income in your sleep!



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