Complete Equipment Guide for Cam Models


To be a successful webcam model it’s important to have the right equipment. You want to try to get the best quality webcam you can. A good HD webcam will produce clear, sharp video, which will help get more viewers into your room and keep them there. You also need a fast computer that can handle streaming in HD, as well as a fast internet connection. You will also need some sexy lingerie and some adult toys to use in your shows. We have provided some quick guidelines to help you decide which equipment to buy.


HD Webcam

A good webcam is essential to have if you want to earn the most money possible. You want to try to get the best quality HD webcam that you can afford. The investment will pay for itself many times over. Below are our two top recommended webcams that are available from Our top pick is the Logitech BCC 950 since it has a remote control.


Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision

Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam with Remote

A top pick for the remote control. This HD  conference cam has excellent video quality.

Rated 4 Stars at


Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision

Logitech C930e HD

A great choice for an HD webcam. This top Logitech product has excellent video quality.

Rated 4.5 Stars at



A modern computer is required to be able to stream in HD. When shopping for a computer, we recommend one that has at least a quad core processor and 8GB of RAM. Additionally, we recommend that you connect to the internet with a wired ethernet connection. It will perform better than wi-fi and will provide a smoother, better stream to your viewers. Below are two of our top recommendations.


HP Pavilion Touchscreen Laptop

The HP Pavilion laptop features a touch screen and an AMD Quad-Core processor. It has 8GB of RAM.


Dell Inspiron Touchscreen Laptop

The Dell Inspiron laptop features a touch screen and an AMD quad core processor. It has 12GB of RAM.



It is absolutely essential to have lots of light while you’re broadcasting and creating content. The best basic setup is to have 2 lights in front of you and 1 light behind you. You can get the entire setup for less than $60. Good lights will drastically improve the quality of your broadcasts. Below are our top 3 picks for lighting. 


Reflective Umbrella Triple Lighting Kit

Our top pick for a complete lighting kit that includes a reflective umbrella. Includes 3 lights, 2 white light umbrellas and 1 gold light umbrella.


3 Light Umbrella Lighting Kit 

Another good choice for a complete lighting kit. Includes 3 lights and 2 light umbrellas.



Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit

A great choice in lighting kits that includes 2 softbox lights for high quality, soft lighting.


Lingerie & Toys

It’s definitely a good idea to get lots of different types of lingerie that you can wear in your shows. Once you have a regular fan base, it’s nice to have a variety of lingerie to keep your fans interested and coming back often. To make the most money, you’ll also want a variety of toys to play with. Viewers always like to see a lot of action, so playing with toys in your show will definitely increase your income. 



Sexy Lingerie at

Sexy outfits and lingerie are very important items for your shows. It’s good to have a variety of lingerie so you can make your shows more unique. Your fans will even buy it for you- make an Amazon wishlist!  



glass-dildo Glass Dildos at

As an adult model, it’s vital to have a large selection of toys to play with. Your viewers will love having different options available and they will tip you to use certain toys. Buy a few toys and have fun!  




Vibrators At

A vibrator is one of the most important tools for a cam model to have. There are many types to choose from. We recommend having at least 2 or 3 different ones. Your fans will love watching you play with them!  




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